The mission of the United States Department of Justice is to enforce the law, defend the nation, and ensure fair and impartial management of justice for all its citizens. The blindfolded Lady Justice is one of its representation which symbolizes the department’s lack of prejudice and neutrality.  However, questions are raised in areas such as Texas where their judges are elected in partisan elections by the registered voters.  This manner of judicial selection is believed to be a democratic process that allows the people to choose the judges that they believe reflect their values.  But critics say that this paves the way for a partial justice system that leans in favor of those who have money and power.  Rich businessmen are oftentimes the biggest campaign contributors of these judges.  In return, the judges tend to protect the interest of their supporters and campaign funders.  Unfortunately, most of the time, their interests do not reflect nor favor the poor citizens.  They even put other people at a disadvantage when they have to appear in court.   If judges do not have the support of big donors, they will not stand a chance to win the elections.  This is also the reason why there is a lack of minority representation in the judiciary since they do not have the resources to rival those supported by rich businessmen and powerful politicians.    There are studies that show how state Supreme Court justices favor businesses that contributed to their campaigns. When this happens, you will begin to doubt the impartiality and credibility of the justice system.  Voters think that their having the same political values as the judges that they elect is all that matters.  They do not know the bigger picture of the judicial system and how the judges’ decisions on the different cases they handle affect their daily lives.  But all is not lost as the people still have the power to vote out judges that they think are not performing well.  Constant vigilance is needed to ensure accountability and independence of the judges when it comes to decisions and political will. 

Justice and Corrections

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