Stand Up America was founded in 2010 after the huge international reaction to the event scheduled for September 11th, 2010, called International Burn a Koran Day. During that week, Dr Terry Jones and Pastor Wayne Sapp, along with the members of Dove World Outreach Center, then located in Gainesville, Florida, stood before world media coverage and the scrutiny of political and religious organizations around the world to expose the lie that Islam is a “religion of peace,” to remember the victims of 9/11/01, and victims all over the world of oppression and violence of Islam.

Through ongoing street actions, protests and rallies, Stand Up America has continued to expose and warn about the immoral condition of America. This has allowed the international rise in dominance of false beliefs and religions. America’s leaders have promoted sexually immoral lifestyles resulting in over 56 million abortions since 1973, just in America, and have supported the gay agenda, the legalization of gay marriage and gay sex education in the public schools. America is morally, spiritually and economically bankrupt.

Stand Up America champions free speech, working on the front lines of the battle to keep First Amendment freedoms for all Americans. Three of the most powerful groups opposed to free speech: Islam, and gay rights and abortion advocates, have spearheaded opposition to Stand Up America and Dove World Outreach Center. This has come in the form of negative media coverage, financial attacks, event organizers and venues being threatened, opposition from government agencies, locally, and even up to top US State Department and Military personnel.

Dr Jones and Wayne Sapp have been threatened with arrest and have twice been arrested. In both cases, in Dearborn, Michigan and in Mulberry, Florida, these arrests were on false charges, in a desperate attempt to stop rallies opposing radical Islam. Stand Up America’s own actions and support for other groups and individuals who speak against Islam around the world have resulted in death threats, a death sentence from the Egyptian government, and Dr Jones has been officially banned from the UK, all of Europe and Canada. The American government has been silent concerning all of this injustice.

The United States is literally the last stand for free speech. Stand Up America continues, with both support and intense opposition, to get the truth outside the church walls, to the streets and airwaves, while there is time. Stand Up America is called by God to be a voice of truth, to warn, and to call America and Christians around the world to repentance, and to take public action, again, against evil. Dr Terry Jones and Pastor Wayne Sapp, along with their supporters, are fulfilling that call.

Key events:

Islam is of the Devil sign, 2009

Burn a Koran Day, 2010

Shows with The Truth TV, 2010-

Judge the Koran Day, 2011

Dearborn arrest and rallies, 2011-2014

UC Irvine event, 2011?

NYC trips, 2010, 2011, 2012?

Pastor Youcef Koran Burn event, 2012

Judge Mohammad Day, Innocence of Muslims riots, 2012

Effigy/abortion doll hanging and burning actions and events, 2013

Polk County Arrest, 2013