Stand Up America Now

with Founder and President Terry Jones

Stand Up America Now with Founder and President Terry Jones is a political organization encouraging Americans to stand and speak out on critical issues at a time of great danger for our nation and the world. America was established by men of courage willing to fight and die for the freedoms that have made America great. They built a nation free from tyrannical government control of businesses, religious practice, and private life.

It was a nation that had respect for the Bible and the Church. Christian pastors and ministers were at the center of political debate and many were on the front lines of military action. But we have lost not only a fear of God. We have sold out to government control of all areas of our lives. We are shackled by apathy and fear. We are no longer the land of the free, home of the brave.

We are losing freedom of speech and freedom of the press to special interest groups and international forces. Our national politics is corrupted by multinational corporate interests and a rising world order that would see America manipulated and destroyed. Yet we act like a frog in hot water and wait.

At Stand Up America Now, we are not content to wait. We use the resources we have and the growing support from around America and the world to hold meetings, lead protest and rallies, to use the freedoms we have on the internet, and the media attention we have received to warn and encourage a return to the spirit of our Founders, to save America from destruction before it is too late.

The Issues

The impending economic collapse of America’s economy must be prevented with radical actions. We do not see any leadership on the national level with the resolve to turn our economy around. This is why we are supporting Terry Jones as an independent candidate for US President in 2016. He is not afraid to speak the truth, a non-conformist with no political ties, willing to serve the nation he loves.

We must stop overspending and reduce the National Deficit.

We cannot afford to continue to attempt to police the world, and must bring US troops home from foreign soil, cutting military spending.

We must eliminate our dependency on foreign oil and develop our own energy sources, especially the many sustainable energy resources available, such as fuel from industrial hemp.

The estimated 20 million illegal aliens living freely in America is costing US taxpayers 400 billion dollars per year. Immigrants are welcome in America but must seek legal means to come here. We must begin the deportation of illegal immigrants immediately.

Immigrants must live under American Laws and submit to our Constitution. Many American Muslims and recent Muslim immigrants want their families and communities to be guided and ruled by aspects of Islamic Law (Sharia.) One aspect of Sharia is that there should be no criticism of Islam, its leaders or its founder. In this area, especially, we at Stand Up America Now will not bow to Islam. Every culture and religious practice deserves scrutiny and must be judged by Western law and the justice and human rights it upholds. Sharia enforces many practices that are unjust and a oppressive. We will continue to stand and speak for those who cannot or will not speak for themselves.

Sexual preference and practice is a private matter, and we do not seek to control or legislate private affairs. Homosexuality is, however, a destructive unhealthy lifestyle and we are opposed to the aggressive political and social agenda of the LGBT community to promote openly homosexual leaders and to present that lifestyle as natural and desirable.

Abortion is murder, plain and simple. It is not a choice. The massive amount of abortions in the US and around the world daily amount to tragic genocide of innocents because we have simply made ourselves gods.


In all these areas, we reject ‘political correctness.’ We reject legalistic religiousness and the ‘Christian’ fear of offense. We challenge America to stop being pushed around by the opinions of the mass media, the liberal academics and those progressives that think the Constitution is outdated. They have the will, the power and the influence to destroy America. The United Nations and the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) want America to accommodate the expectations of the international community, rather than lead the world in freedom. We should lead the United Nations or get out.

Look for us on Ustream, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, at a meeting, rally or protest in your city, and in the news.