Highlights from Burn Obama Day

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

Hitler 1933 “To enslave a people you must first disarm its citizens.” Adolf Hitler 1933

“Obama is trying to enslave America again.” Jim Stachoviak  

“Every generation needs a new revolution.” Thomas Jefferson 
It is time for us to have a revolution. It is time for the people of America to stand up. Terry Jones
“You see we have an effigy of Obama and one of Mr Clinton, President Clinton. The reason why he’s up there with Obama is because he deserves to be burned in hell too.” Michael the Black Man 
“Some people say to me, why would you be out here with Pastor Terry Jones? The reason why I am out here with him is because it might seem radical, but if you remember, the radical Republicans were radical and they were the ones who gave us our first civil rights. So let’s give them a hand. And Pastor Terry Jones is doing is acting out who he is, Big John Brown, the one who fought to free us, Abraham Lincoln who fought to free us. He’s a hell of a man!”  Michael the Black Man 
“If we could bring Harriet Tubman back right now and clone her, put a damn pistol in her hand, not one black woman would want to explain to that woman why the hell are they votin’ for the same damn people that she was tryin’ to get them away from. No Jewish brother 600 years from now would ever vote for the Nazi Party. No Irishman would ever vote for the Oliver Cromwell Brit. He’ll work with a Britishman but not with an Oliver Cromwell Brit. No Chinaman would ever vote for the Imperial Japanese, no roach would ever vote for the show, and I don’t know why in hell the black man is votin’ for the people that enslaved them, cut their private parts off, hung ‘em and did all kinda hell fire things to ‘em, and they want us to vote for them, I say hell no!”  Michael the Black Man
“Obama is where he is at, Obama was elected for one term, he was reelected for a second term, as Michael (Michael, Michael, the Black Man) stated, we would have never stood for his policies, we would have never stood for the direction he is going. So how did he get elected? How did he get reelected?  We have heard it said many times: Evil prevails… when what? when good men do nothing.” Wayne Sapp
Obama has a record, a voting record: he a front runner, an advocate for abortion. He is the poster child for abortion in America. How could a Christian, a Pastor even, support, vote for such a man?” Wayne Sapp
“I tremble for my nation because I know that God is a just God and his justice will not sleep forever.”  Thomas Jefferson
“Bestiality! Do you know what bestiality is? Get a picture of that. He (pointing to the Obama effigy) he said it was OK! Our United States Senate said it was Ok – wasn’t even close! 93 to 7 they said it was OK to have sex with animals! [NDAA signed by Obama Dec 31, 2010 legalized sodomy and bestiality in the military] that is our nation! People wonder why we’re upset!