State of the Union? Out of Control! Terry Jones 2012 at the Florida GOP Debates

State of the Union? Out of Control! Terry Jones 2012 at the Florida GOP Debates 

We do not need politicians who appease the people, we need politicians who stand up and tell the truth. This week both the University of South Florida and the University of North Florida hosted GOP Debates. We were there outside the restricted access venues demonstrating, answering questions and rallying for the Terry Jones 2012 Campaign. Occupy groups and others for and against the Candidates and their positions on the issues were there also to demonstrate.

On Monday at USF it was obvious to see that America is headed in a very undesirable direction. As we tried to express our views about different political subjects in America, as well as our concern for America and the direction our country is going, we were shocked to see that our nation is becoming a nation out of control.

As we arrived and entered the allowed area we began to exercise our First Amendment rights, especially that of Freedom of Speech, which is the most precious right we have as Americans.  We were met with aggression.  At one point as we marched on the sidewalks a group approached and formed a human chain with arms linked, sitting don in the path ahead of us while others surrounded our group.  We were attacked, assaulted, pushed, shoved.

We were further shocked by the lack of support by the police.  The police stood around on the other side of temporary barriers as people assaulted us, touched us, pushed us, grabbed and destroyed every one of our signs, and began to mask themselves as if they were about to attack us.  Through all of this, the police did absolutely nothing. We asked for their help but they allowed the assault to continue, finally coming up to the group to suggest that they separate.

This will not deter us.  We will be heading for Jacksonville, Florida, where we will express and exercise our First Amendment rights.  This is something we must do as Americans.  We hope and we pray that the country can be turned from the direction that it is headed.  This is why we need strong leadership.  We do not need politicians who appease the people, we need politicians who stand up and tell the truth.

Why would the police appease lawlessness like this? They are not led to oppose it. They are puppets of a crooked liberal system. Liberals thrive on University Campuses in America and the rule the nation. We need an anti-liberal spring.

Again, Stand Up America Now was there with presidential candidate, Terry Jones. 

We addressed the issues that are vital to America such as our budget, our deficit, and same sex marriage.  We tackled our illegal problem of over 20 million illegals in America, which costs American citizens $540 billion a year. We dealt with the area of abortion, the killing of babies.  We continued our mission of bringing awareness to the American people about the condition and the urgency to act before our nation is lost. 

Once again we were met with the brutal truth of how our nation has decayed.  As we exercised our first amendment rights, we were met with very much opposition, violence and attacks.  We were spit on and our signs were torn.  As our nation continues to decay, it is decaying from the top, starting with our most precious constitutional right that we have, our first amendment right of freedom of speech, the right to express yourself by saying things that are possibly unpopular.  In the past, that has been the only way change can take place. 

Stand Up America Now will not draw back.  We will not be intimidated, we will not react out of fear, we will not be bullied.  We will continue, around America, to make our presence and our opinions known.  They are vital for the restoration of America’s economic and moral greatness.

If it had not been for the outstanding job of the Jacksonville Police Department, the University of North Florida Police Department, and security that was available there, if they had not intervened, there is no doubt the crowd would have physically attacked us and we would have been harmed.  We thank the Campus Police, the police of Jacksonville and the entire security force that helped to protect our first amendment rights as well as those of other participants.