The Blood Cries Out; Terry Jones Defies Egypt’s ‘Act of War’

The Blood Cries Out; Terry Jones Defies Egypt’s ‘Act of War’

When Cain killed Abel, God cursed Cain, saying that he heard the blood of his righteous brother crying out from the ground. God has cursed the Muslim Brotherhood and Islam for the blood it spills in the name it cursed ‘god.’ Terry Jones will not go into hiding and will not stop speaking out about Islam’s injustice and violent acts, despite Egypt’s ruling, fatwas and death threats.

Who speaks for the young teenager who gave his life to Christ, recently, in an Islamic City. Two weeks later, he was taken to the center of the public square and beheaded, as a warning. We know, because our friends live there, but there was no national or international outcry, and there will not be. Only the terror remains, and his blood.

Who speaks for our thousands of troops killed and wounded in Muslim countries by enemies and supposed ‘allies’ because of the politically correct rules of engagement put  in place by the Bush and Obama Administrations, for the sake of appeasing Islam. We will.

Who speaks for the women around the world, abused and oppressed in Muslim homes and societies because that is the evil standard Muhammad raised for Muslim male conduct. If you speak about it, you defame Islam. Its a trap. But not for us. We will not submit.

In this post of Dec 3, 2012, at,  ( Vlad interviews Major Stephen C Coughlin (Ret)

Coughlin addresses the recent Court ruling in Egypt in which Terry Jones and seven other Christians were sentenced to death. The sentence for Terry Jones is to be reviewed again on Dec 29th, and the seven Copt Christians are to have their sentences reviewed in January. In the court room, Terry Jones was shown burning a Koran, and evidence was presented of Terry Jones’ support for the Innocence of Muslims movie and its film maker.

Coughlin points:

The Egypt ruling is an “act of war”, a “hostile act.”

The AP article stated that the “case was seen as largely symbolic because the defendants, most of whom live in the United States, are all outside Egypt and are thus unlikely to face the sentence.”  Coughlin disagrees and thinks this is ‘crazy.’ This one clear step further than any Imam’s fatwa or a terrorist group’s bounty. It is state action.

“An OIC member state has claimed the death penalty on non-Muslims in a non-Muslim country, in the US, where they have freedom of speech to say exactly what they said. It is a deliberate extension of sovereign status inside the US for the purpose of executing a legal decision.”

“If those sentenced die, this becomes an extension of foreign war by foreign entities inside the United States.”

Based on passages from “The Reliance of the Traveler” and “Freedom of Expression in Islam,” by Imam Al Shafi, if non-Muslims commit blasphemy, they become ‘an enemy of war’ and can be killed. If something ‘impermissible’ is said about Islam or Muhammad, you are no longer a ‘protected’ non-Muslim (dhimmi) in a Muslim society. What we say about Islam and Muhammad, even though we have proof that it is true, based on Islam’s own texts, does not, in a Muslim’s view, benefit Muslims of Islam. It is slander, blasphemy, a criminal act under Islamic Law.

In 2005 the OIC voted on a 10 year in which they committed to making Islamic law through the rubric of “Islamophobia,” a term that addresses the Islamic definition of slander. This has been supported by UN resolution 1618 “Defamation of Religions,” passed by the Obama Administration.

The OIC says they claim jurisdiction for Muslims in non-Muslim countries, and the US works with the Muslim Brotherhood front groups that are implementing OIC initiatives in the US. Coughlin believes the Obama Administration does not understand what they are doing. We are not so sure, ourselves….

The silence on the ruling from many conservatives, the left and the Obama Administration is very scary.