Men and women are different biologically.  But does it mean that they should be treated differently?  History has shown us how men have largely been favored between the two.  Women were treated as inferior to men when it came to their status in society.  It might be inconceivable now but there used to be a time when women were not permitted to attend school and did not have a right to vote.  But we have come a long way from that dark period in history.  Or have we? Up to this moment, gender inequality remains to be a major social issue.  Even the recent United States presidential election was flogged by various gender concerns such as sexual assaults aside from the fact that it was a man versus a woman vying for the presidency of one of the most powerful nations in the world.   This prompted Newsweek to say that the presidential election was a referendum on gender and they claimed that women lost in that poll.   The United Nations Development Programme says that until today, gender inequality remains to be a major hindrance to human development.  Based on their study, we have yet to achieve gender equity and women continue to be discriminated against in health, politics, education, and labor force.  These factors open our eyes to the arduous journey that women continue to bear to achieve equality with men.      

We would like to believe that we have taken great strides in fighting for gender equality.  We have seen how women are now able to participate in social, political, economic, and educational activities in our country.  However, there is still much work to be done.  These rights and privileges are not yet enjoyed by women all over the world.  There should be a continuous support to educate others about the importance of gender equality.   The way we think about women and men shape our lives and the world we live in.  It determines the opportunities we unlock and spaces we open up to women and influences how far they can go in our society.  We should continue to empower women until they feel free and safe to show who they really are and what they want to be.  We should not give up until we reach that moment when we are able to transform and transcend gender relations and see each other as men and women, equals, with the same capacity to make a difference in this world.