10 Points I Detest In Regards To You MBTI

10 Points I Detest In Regards To You MBTI

Kat Stratford – INFP Kat enjoys extremely high expectations for by herself and everybody around this lady. She’s all about individuality. aˆ?You dont usually have becoming just who they really want you to definitely feel.aˆ? She shuns the standard twelfth grade world and likes renewable stone bands and non-curricular checking content. She desires to attend an east coast college because truly somewhere else. Last negative experience with her mama and Joey Donner have remaining her hurt, intolerable, and agitated, and she’s established their existing notion system centered on those previous activities. Based on Bianca, shes morphed from a pleasing individual a judgmental, tempestuous nonconformist. She criticizes the institution system, the personal games, and her dads overprotectiveness. (Julia Stiles are an INTJ, so she happens down as really INTJish into the flick. But i believe the type Kat is a pissed down, counterphobi INFP.) Hogwarts Household: Ravenclaw

Bianca Stratford – ESFP quite, perky, and preferred Bianca likes to maintain the stylish styles. She wants interest and wants to delight in this lady senior school ages by online dating. She makes use of Camerons propose to go out with Joey procurer. Though she will be able to end up being selfish from time to time, she compares for anyone she cares when it comes to. Hogwarts Quarters: Gryffindor

Patrick Verona – ISTP Patrick follows his own sense of logic. The hearsay about him dont make the effort your, because he understands they arent true. He woos Kat by using the lady waterboating, paint ballooning, and carrying out for her all very effective activities. The guy takes care of the lady whenever she gets smashed on quarters party and pure promotes Cameron not to ever provide up.Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Cameron James – ISFP Cameron was intimate, naive, and shy. He drops deeply in love with Bianca at first view and gets determined to track down an easy way to see close to this lady, like learning and tutoring the girl in French. The guy stacks up on her behalf when individuals disrespect this lady as well as himself whenever she uses him. He’s slow to inquire about the lady away and speaks right when aggravated.Hogwarts quarters: Hufflepuff

Michael Eckman – ENTJ Michael pops up utilizing the genius plan to win Cameron the lady. He arranges the pieces the which, what, whenever, where, and just how and places them into motion. Not just does he assist Cameron woo Bianca, he additionally executes his propose to precise payback on Bogie Lowenstein for taking their lackeys. The guy likes winning and cash. Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Joey procurer – ESTP Joey is actually a model enthusiastic about their own appearances, cash, athleticism, and popularity. He focuses on small info to produce a precise decision, like which tone t-shirt to wear. The guy somehow is able to appeal different college students into liking your, but hes too dimwitted to see hes are starred by Michael and Cameron.Hogwarts home: Slytherin

Enchanted MBTI

Giselle – ENFJ Exuberant Giselle wishes everyone around this lady are happier. She actually is a natural mom to Morgan and cant help but socialize into Roberts divorce case. She declares her affections through song, but isnt always aware of her very own feelings. She’s a dream to marry this lady prince and is eager to make it work well quickly. She likes to sing, dance, sew her very own dresses, and shop. During nyc, she finds out to think for by herself and to familiarize yourself with one before jumping into a relationship with these people.Hogwarts home: Hufflepuff

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Robert – ISTJ Robert loves predictability, security, and a powerful work principles. The guy establishes rigorous limits for their child and his girlfriend. He desires his daughter to appreciate female of history who’ve accomplished wonder throughout history. He is job concentrated and feels in reality and reason. The guy finds Giselles romanticism absurd and unlikely. He doesnt reveal their feelings outwardly with keywords or gestures. Fairly, he needs the individual to understand through their commitment to them. Happily, Giselle shows your to take it easy a little. Er… a lot.Hogwarts Residence: Ravenclaw