All You Need To Know About Lucky Six

Gambling and betting have always been two fun activities for women and men alike. Throughout history, this was the way for people to have fun with their friends or simply escape their reality just for a while.

In the uncertain days we are living in now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online gambling at MerkurXtip has become a safe haven for many players. Sure, Poker and Blackjack are the most common choices, but there’s one game that has made its way through to the mainstream audience.

Yes, we are talking about Lucky Six.

If you played this game, you know how fun and addictive it is, but if you haven’t stumbled upon this unique game, well, you are in for a treat.

Today, we are going to tell you all you need to know about Lucky Six. Trust us, this game will make your life so much more enjoyable and you will also have the chance to win a respectable amount of money.

Let’s get cracking.


What Is Lucky Six?

The very first thing you need to know is that Lucky Six is a draw-based game. In other words, random numbers are drawn from the drum and if you have the lucky combination, you basically open a bottle of champagne and spray it on the people in the room.

This game works like a classic draw game where a person gets the chance to pick random numbers or sometimes colors and follow a live draw every five minutes.

Because of its wonderful and exciting design and smooth software, Lucky Six is now one of the most popular games gamblers can play online.

A lot of players love Lucky Six simply because it offers unique entertainment and, more importantly, a virtual environment where users have plenty of exciting betting options. To be specific, players choose six lucky balls out of 48 and test their luck twelve times in one hour. You have to admit, this is definitely one of the most exciting draw-based games out there.

One of the things that make Lucky Six so special and loved among gamblers is the fact that it’s also available in locations with low internet speed and poor connection. This is possible thanks to the satellite stream that is performed via a shared channel. Players will be pleased to know that this option does not require additional investment.

The Betting Options

Even though Lucky Six resembles the famous lotto game, it’s a bit more complex and a lot more fun. The reason why it’s more fun is the 5 betting options players have. Here they are.


This category, allows you to make specific ball selections like you do when you play the lottery. However, you can also bet on number combos in one of the three zones.


In this category, you can bet on the total count of lucky balls. You can also choose between odd and even outcomes.


Here you bet on outcomes that relate to the sum of the available colored balls.


This option allows you to bet on the sum or count of balls equalling up to odd or even numbers.

Total Sum

This betting category allows you to bet on the total sum of all lucky balls drawn in the betting round.


Lucky Six is one hell of a game every passionate gambler should try. If you like draw-based games, this one is definitely for you.