Bear in mind all of our body weight scoring experience maybe not straightforward evaluation, it tries to are the skis girth

Bear in mind all of our body weight scoring experience maybe not straightforward evaluation, it tries to are the skis girth

With respect to straight-out evaluation of one skiing to another in pounds, remunerated for duration (weight/length with size are correct unrolled length) the Lo5 is average at get 9, when compared with our mean of rating 8. good for length vs weight is the Goode, with Dynaift Manaslu womens a close runner-up (but not as large since the Goode). Men’s variation a?Slu skis best on hardpack, however for a devoted dust board i am utilizing the ladies’ Manaslu, the white people, and have always been delighted with that skiing for what it’s, though whenever I’ve experience like hauling them around I’ve been enjoying anything bigger. Much more about this after once I find out more skis in to the spreadsheet.

Hey All, merely an FYI from sportiva a the boards envisioned listed below are really pre-production. Manufacturing graphics have a small tweak a better IMO a writing try yellowish versus white using Lo5 hand at the top piece furthermore. There were no modifications on the development or performance a generation designs should ski as evaluated here . You will find the ultimate creation graphics here if you want a

Anyway, fun reading all the stuff and keep pace the great operate

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Furthermore, Tony offered a a?Shop for Lo5, could be off stocka? link at the conclusion of the evaluation. The hyperlink goes toward backcountry. These are generally undoubtedly sold-out but we just recently have replenished on Lo5’s and bc will need to have some in inventory in one day or two. If anybody is interested to have the LO5 features issues discovering all of them go ahead and call our very own cust serv at 303-443-8710 and can direct to a dealer or internet based provider that has had all of them.

Indeed, skied the Mega Lo5 at a test a week ago…and treasured it, but planning the extra weight would prevent they getting a mostly-touring skiing. Nevertheless, we agree with the assessment right hereasuper versatile, great development, and a worthy skiing. Wish I would skied the less heavy version, also!

Hello Rob, yeah, the Mega failed to create the lbs reduce for an individual driven skiing so we failed to waste time evaluating they. In reality, it actually was surprisingly heavy for a ski with a mountaineering brand name. Lo5 is actually lightweight adequate to generate our cut for evaluation and we also’re skiing it a great deal (even tinkering with boot position on ski), but is nevertheless above ordinary in body weight per how we’re evaluating only at wildsnow.

Yeah, undoubtedly Lou…i did not very discover which version I had once I pulled it well the stand…and was immediately hit by their lbs. It’d feel cool to do a side-by-side assessment, see what the excess bulk do because of its skiing. the info! RC

Latest Manaslu men’s room is still lighter, yet not similar development because the ladies which will show as the fat calcs out as more per centimeter of size versus women’s

Lou, i am getting excited about witnessing the surface-to-weight calculator. We implemented the formula Jonathan published in ( and in the morning obtaining quite various effects than what your listed in your own feedback above … so that tells me you’ve got new things enhance arm (cannot wait).

Can you consider evaluating the less heavy Los Angeles Sportiva items? E.g. the GT may seem like a very viable prospect lbs- and dimension-wise plus the couple of feedback I’ve seen speak positively of them. Or the RST?

Pavel, I am not browsing get into much details onto it. My approach do make use of two trapezoids like what Jonathan was doing but entails at the very least just as much if not more estimating, rounding and averaging. You will find some skis in many different lengths with same development, and utilized those as controls while tinkering with different ways. Like what Jonathan is taking care of, we simply calculated with two imaginary trapezoids, with settlement for suggestion profile, and a portion for where in actuality the trapezoids are situated in relation to length of skiing. I didn’t attempt to have an exact weight per square mm, as an alternative, I attempted to fit all the skis on chart that applies them to both. Some other person can perform the exact weight thing, which may include calculating using the sidecut figure and all sorts of.