It was lovely fulfilling you and Ady in Bali

Hello Rio,Hello to you personally my pal. I am hoping all excellent. Everything is fine in the United States. Wish your loved ones is doing well. I will talk to you soon.A/UsaHi Rio aˆ“ Thanks for the email. We were happy to have the wonderful decorating that Ady offered to united states. It was considerably appreciated.

I am fine. Thank you. I’m delighted to own some information from you and Bali. Recently, the elements in France ended up being very bad. Very very cloudy. I am not sure chere is the sun.

Huu & Frank/L

Hey Rio my good friend. just how will you be undertaking?I’m all right. in australia, some cooler but beautiful place. their cloudy and rainy here of late.I’m having a great time, searching and looking for an english class to enhance my english.Hope you and your folks is all right and wish top for your family dudes.Best regards from your own brazilian pal.

Advisable that you discover away from you i’m hoping all was well i will nonetheless visited Bali once again and i would like you for my drivers

Many thanks for the information Rio; I found myself also very busy, here also heat remains higher (35 to 37 grade); probably the brother of my wife along with her husband will go in Bali in January, they rent a villa for just two months; I’m not sure where precisely, i am going to let them have their contact number, as soon I will have significantly more info i am going to contact your. (more…)