Carry Out Mexicans Dislike Puerto Ricans? I’m thinking if regarding the western shore

by Gustavo Arellano

Dear Mexican: I live in up-state nyc (that’s any a portion of the condition north regarding the city, for your needs West Coasters), although we’ve got a fairly little Mexican population, we many Puerto Ricans, especially in the city I live. Here’s my matter: many instances I’ve overheard my personal PR company accuse each other of being “lazy Mexicans” as a good-humored insult. I’m wanting to know if about West Coast, in which I count on there are considerably Mexicans than Puerto Ricans, should anyone ever accuse both to be “lazy Puerto Ricans?” I’ve questioned my personal PR buddies this concern, nonetheless envision it’s insane. I’m of Irish heritage, and that I was actually surprised one day to discover that every one of the Polish humor I spent my youth with were Irish laughs in The united kingdomt. I’m curious if maybe it is a similar thing here. Essentially, we read my friends as being Latino, and don’t have a problem with that until anybody phone calls all of them a Mexican. Similar to anybody saying I’m Irish, but accusing me personally to be Protestant whenever I’m Catholic. –Son of Erin

Dear Mick: Ah, another chance to trot my all-time favorite joke: Why aren’t there any Puerto Ricans on celebrity Trek? Because they don’t operate in the near future, often. Silly chiste, but that’s the idea. As brilliantly put forth by Christie Davies in his study of ethnic humor, The Mirth of Nations, mere jokes by one ethnic cluster against another indicates hidden hostility toward the joked-upon, but absolutely nothing serious. Cultural insults, on the other hand, indicates a deeper-rooted hatred between your communities. This basically means, Mexicans don’t truly love Puerto Ricans, because we usually kick their butt in boxing and are not as colonized as boricuas, very any tweaking of them are relegated to jokes—and even then, I can’t contemplate one Puerto Rican laugh with sources in Mexico. (more…)