In all analyses statistical significance was set at p < 0

Salt sensitive: Participants with SBP being at least 5 mmHg higher after HS intake compared to the values after the LS intake; Salt resistant: Participants whose SBP differed by <5 mmHg between HS and LS intakes; Independent variables: Urinary Na + , Urinary K + and Na + :K + excretion ratio; Dependent variable: SBP; Categorical variable: Participants were categorized into groups on the basis of increments of 1 g/day in urinary Na + and K + excretion to evaluate the linear trends

Analytical study

General linear patterns have been used in linear regression data (Pearson’s Roentgen relationship) to assess this new connection from urinary Na + and you will K + excretion which have SBP. To own Figs. dos and you can step 3, two-means ANOVA with Tukey’s article hoc was did to compare SBP among the teams defined on the basis of urinary Na + and you will K + removal. (more…)