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My Experience With “Fetlife” and What I Think of It

My Experience With “Fetlife” and What I Think of It

The only reasons why I joined fetlife is because I heard that the site is also a good place to talk about society and politics. The other reason is because I wanted to see if some women have the same interests as me. In this take, I’ll be telling what I’ve noticed about the site so far. By the way, Fetlife is for adults only (18 years and older)

1.) It’s a naughty version of Facebook

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The layout and the purpose is very similar to Facebook but it has more lenient guidelines. Members of fetlife are allowed to post uncensored sexual photos and videos, curse words are also allowed. You have a section to talk about yourself, you can post statuses and “journals”. You can join groups(create groups as well) and associate yourself with various kinds of fetishes and you can “friend” people. There are still rules that must be followed. You can also block other uses and report users who break the rules.

2.) It’s politically diverse

You have people from all political points of view on there. So yes, people often get into heated debates on there. I’m independent-moderate with some sympathies towards the right, so I have gotten in heated debates with various far left wing people(feminists, far left liberals, pseudocommies etc) on there, so far I haven’t noticed any far right or neo Nazi users on fetlife. (more…)

Spiritual Awakening: 23 Major Signs and symptoms

Spiritual Awakening: 23 Major Signs and symptoms

Going right on through a spiritual waking the most confusing, lonely, alienating, and also supremely stunning experience in life.

This basically means, religious awakenings mark the start friendfinder com reviews of your own initiation towards spiritual road. As opposed to experiencing a religious awakening, we wade while in the life following condition of money, fame, stamina, and you can esteem in an attempt to find “joy.”