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Betrayal Is the Inversion out-of Love

Certain envision pride was at the underlying regarding Judas’ betrayal out of Jesus. Judas wasn’t merely a fan out of Goodness; he was their friend. Maybe Judas most did like God during the some point-do not learn. I can say for certain he place his own mind-attract more compared to their lord’s lifestyle, and then he gotten 29 bits of silver for their treachery. In the end, the guy killed themselves. Dante portrays Judas to be among the many three traitors which Satan eternally mauls (additional a few was Brutus and you will Cassius).

Which theme try frequent throughout books, out-of Queen Lear’s pupils plotting capture his property and cash so you’re able to Cypher in “This new Matrix” betraying his family unit members to your Nebuchadnezzar thus they can leave their lifetime of drudgery about real life and you may come back to the newest illusive luxury of your Matrix, preferably because anyone greatest. Cypher is actually happy to lie down living out of his friends to your comfort out-of his or her own. That it inversion off love ‘s the really essence out of betrayal.

Fear is usually the promoting reason for such as for example betrayals. (more…)