3. PayActiv App | Best for high advancements

  • No Interest or Late Fees: If you constantly require to borrow money this app might help save in terms of fees and also interest.
  • Payment Date Extension: This is an app that is flexible in terms of repayment. Any type of loan or advancement can easily be extended up to three times.

While other firms offer a relatively similar model, receiving such a high amount of your check is simply unheard of in the market

  • Monthly Fee: If you are planning on using this app as a last result option you might want to reconsider it since there is a monthly fee of almost $10.
  • Customer Support: Brigit fails at this since the only way of communication with the app requires emailing, making it incredibly inconvenient and slow.

This is another interesting firm that is taking the loans and Payday market to the next level. Not only you will be able to access funds in a practical and also fast manner, but you will be able to request up to 50% of your paycheck in advancements via their app.

From an App perspective, PayActive is one of the best loan apps available and a great option for anyone who is also interested in managing their finances closely. In order to offer a more attractive service and to differentiate themselves, the firm has developed its own budgeting tools that will help you gain control of your finances and to improve your spending habits. More than just providing access to fast cash, the firm has become known for focusing on the dignity of their customers. (more…)