Lingen’s Declaration) Evidence of John Johnes, Esq

1847 The device of bundling, or, at any rate, one thing analogous in order to they, prevails widely. The newest single boys-servants on the farms assortment the country at night, and is also a known and you may tolerated practice that they are acknowledge from the people-servants at homes to which they come. vol. step one, p. 33 The newest need out-of chastity show frequently throughout the practice of “bundling,” or courtship into the bedrooms, at night a practice still commonly prevailing. vol. 2, p. 294 “The fresh new childhood out-of both sexes have become unchaste, and don’t believe promiscuous intercourse one disgrace, which is mainly through brand new want from best degree ; towards the old habit of bundling, or courting between the sheets, nonetheless common ; into design of its homes ; and to the new bad illustration of their parents.” vol. 2, p. 299

Records of Commissioners out-of Inquiry for the County from Degree in the Wales, (London, 1847) [This is certainly the statement needs to state specifically toward bundling (the word Caru yn/ar y Gwely wasn’t utilized in they): it’s got more to state throughout the illegitimate births basically, e.grams. Region dos, pp. 56-57

I heard the essential revolting stories of the gross and you will almost bestial indelicacy that sexual activity takes place within these days

For more statements toward bundling, encouraged by the report, see: Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald and North and Southern area Wales Separate, 18 September 1847 Carnarvon and you can Denbigh Herald and Northern and you may Southern Wales Independent, 15 January 1848 Carnarvon and you may Denbigh Herald and you will North and you will South Wales Independent, 5 February 1848 Carnarvon and you will Denbigh Herald and you may Northern and you will Southern Wales Separate, several March 1848 Carnarvon and you will Denbigh Herald and you can Northern and you may Southern Wales Independent, 7 October 1848