On the earl regarding Douglas, exactly who partnered Margaret, girl off Robert III

Rankine, the latest youngest guy, is “commonlie titled of Abercorn,” claims the newest ‘Historie,’ “not that he previously such places inside heritage, for this doth never ever are available from the historie neither obvious one previously arrived at my personal hands, regardless of of well-known lifestyle thairanent, being built thair given that bailiffe and a chief officer less than his lord, the fresh new earle of Duglass, that have charges away from their people thair in most their commendable atchiefements.” The guy “rose to no mean respect, place, and fuel, that is thought to have achieved to help you higher possessions into the Stirlingshire in this Abercorn, the newest Carses Calder or other metropolises adjacent in which he in addition to settled scuba divers off his surname and you can household members.” He had been a working and you will stirring enemy regarding Sir Alexander Livingstone out of Calender, protector of the more youthful queen, James II., one of several principal opponents of the earl out of Douglas. (more…)