A set of Jenkins’ publications and letters dating from 1810 to 1860s are taken to public auction at Sotheby’s in ’09

Francis Jenkins (1793-1866) The Committee sent out a circular asking for states of places that tea maybe expanded. The circular ended up being responded around straight away by one chief Francis Jenkins. Jenkins accompanied the East Asia Company and sailed from The united kingdomt in 1810. He was deputed from the Company to undertake a survey of Assam, such as Cachar and Manipur, during Oct 1832-April 1833, following its annexation because of the British. Very early 1833, Bruce advised Jenkins independently and blogged him openly that aˆ?the teas flowers comprise expanding wild from coast to coast’ [Kochhar]. Jennings need already been convinced also from the conclusions of Lt. Charlton of Assam Light Brigade under his legislation. Jenkins reported the Committee of beverage community advocating strongly for Assam tea. Centered on their report an experimental nursery was actually set-up at Sadiya. Exemplary tea had been quickly becoming created. Jenkins unwillingly resigned from service in 1861 but stayed in Assam, dying at Guwahati in August 1866. The genus Jenkinsia Hook. (Loed for your. [JSTOR]

With help from Jenkins, industrial production rapidly developed, and also by 1859, significantly more than 7,500 miles in the area are devoted to teas cultivation

Gardening Assam teas replacing crazy teas Forest On 11 March 1835, the Committee designated Charles Bruce as the in-charge of nurseries getting developed in top Assam, at Sadiya alongside areas. Couple of years after, Bruce was designated Superintendent of Tea ranches. (more…)