In the event the an excellent cougar reveals aggression, or begins to pursue your, act aggressively

Remain eye contact, yell and also make noisy music. Never ‘enjoy dead’. In place of crouching down, collect regional sticks, rocks, or everything you loveroulette Dating has actually available to rapidly to utilize because a gun if necessary.

If the cougar attacks, fight, emphasizing its face and you may attention area. When you yourself have bear squirt, launch they. Play with stones, sticks otherwise individual house because the firearms. You’re trying to encourage the cougar that you’re a good danger, and not target. If you find yourself in a group, stand together with her in order to battle the latest cougar assault.

About unlikely enjoy your encounter cougar cats (they are generally well-hidden of the their mom), don’t just be sure to manage or strategy them. Leave the bedroom instantaneously.

Youngsters and you will Cougars

Cougars can get consider students due to the fact victim needs with their brief dimensions, high-pitched voices, and you will quick motions. Talk to your children and help them learn how to proceed in the event the they run into good cougar. (more…)