It is a heavy blow to Satan, an urgent, treat assault

ur mission are 7 billion VOC participants, both in Korea and you can Japan. This new Korean authorities knows that they can not do just about anything if you ask me themselves, since i have feel a major international shape.

Kwangju was this new 8th urban area for the rallies, the past opportunity for Satan in order to strike. Satan anxiously wanted to stop me of having achievement when you look at the Korea, but I got already lay every requirements in regards to our winnings. While i was in Korea, the attention away from Japan plus the Us centered truth be told there. Once the satanic pushes had simply no area to assault me and/or rallies, it strike my children Our children are on a level having brand new Unification Chapel, a different top on the True Parents. One child, Heung Jin, try the mark to your satanic assault. In the identical hr once the all of our rally, good.m. Kwangju go out, Satan strike Heung Jin.

Kwangju could have been a very liberal area, with lots of communist infiltrators. I had been warned by many you to definitely living manage get into issues here. Nevertheless the gymnasium is actually completely filled one hour until the rally. Four thousand anyone must sit external. Commonly whenever terrorists need certainly to attack someone they are going to cover-up in crowds. (more…)