Invisible Treasures: Meet Angela Stanger and you can Sonya Gomez out of Plant Established <a href=""><img src="" alt=""/></a> Products

Hey Angela and you will Sonya, many thanks for joining all of us today. Plant-Depending Meals is San Diego’s only whole eating, plant-centered meal prep organization. I submit new, ready-to-consume delicacies to your own door! We, Angela Stanger and you can Sonya Gomez, certainly are the creators out-of PBM. In the 2018, we found collaborating throughout the an excellent transitional age of our lives -it was kismet. Angela got only finished away from UCSD in the area of biochemistry and you will technology, and you will Sonya try willing to rotate of work when you look at the mental wellness, an industry where she holds the lady Master’s Studies. Straight away, we connected just like the solid, independent ladies.

We soon learned we had hobbies and specifications that have been aligned. Both of us planned to be separate, assist anyone else off the areas of life, and get a positive effect on globally. Inside two months, we came across in regards to our basic company appointment. With the help of our wants in your mind, to make a family who would provide people joy and you may improves its lifetime, i questioned ourselves- what’s much better than and make insanely juicy dinner which is fit for your requirements while the planet?

That is just how Plant-Founded Food (PBM) was given birth to, therefore we constantly lived purchased which goal. (more…)