Years of fans possess preferred speculating obsessively on the minute information out of how Kryptonian/person intercourse might work–or perhaps not really works

Practical question actually sprang upwards regarding the comics as a keen Elseworlds facts, no matter if in cases like this it was having a baby to their super-good boy that killed Lois, maybe not the brand new gender alone

Since what we think of as “geeks” very first starred in brand new late twentieth century, there had been technical arguments. Where sports admirers was in fact getting into drunken bar fights more than their most favorite organizations permanently, it’s merely has just you to definitely geeks created the Websites same in principle as a club battle–brand new fire battle.

Without a doubt, one can possibly suppose with a reasonable degree of trust you to definitely nearly every geeks carry out instantaneously retreat out of an actual physical conflict, although private versatility of your Web sites combined with the knowledge to respond almost instantly towards the forums has actually greeting geeks to argue viciously regarding the points that most worry about-valuing men and women have never ever even idea of, a lot less deemed well worth discussion.

Offered Superman’s astounding vitality and his awesome constant flirtation with Lois Way, it had been inescapable some body do begin to inquire: what would takes place when the Superman had sex having Lois?

Nightmare geeks hashed this out for a long time: and that supernatural slasher perform win when you look at the a fight? Jason was sluggish look at this web-site, foolish and you can uncomfortable, however, more or less impractical to eliminate, along with the fresh distinctive line of advantageous asset of existing regarding the real world. (more…)