It earliest Win98 brush set up techniques assumes that the userwishes to contain the several partitions undamaged so when are

Method of Style C: and push [ENTER]Force [ENTER] again when prompted having Regularity Identity (C) If you’d like to format any other present partitions (D:, E: etc)repeat the above of these drives (Structure D: etc)

Win98 comes with a highly detailed driver collection therefore is to provides motorists for everybody globe fundamental componants, but simply in case feel the rider discs/Cds handy for any resources you have got extra

Because FAT32file system inside the Window 98 is also contain the use of 1 higher C:drive you can also OPTIONALLY need to utilize the FDISK energy to help you deleteall established FAT16 surfaces and create just one drive C: using FAT32.

(A) Exit your own boot drive joined on your own floppy disk drive (B) Type the latest Screen 98 Revise Video game in your Cd-ROM push (C) Tap CTRL+ALT+DEL so you’re able to restart the computer (D) Types of X:\Settings and you can faucet [ENTER] NOTE: X: significantly more than means your Video game-ROM push letter (E) The fresh new Windows 98 options is always to initialize and work at. (more…)