The brand new goblets was basically stream with drink and released on the goblet pavilion, commonly floating across the most recent

“The outdated 7 (King from Lu) has the help of Kang Taifu, it is good breeze you to sends you toward environmentally friendly air.” The fresh new King away from Qi is actually envious and you can jealous, along with ily record, however the King off Lu had a beneficial top concubine. Shen’s sister registered the new judge, the amount of time has been low, however, the guy also need to provide your upwards, can’t assist him much.

Brand new Queen Consort regarding Qi published welcomes and you will greeting noble women and you may good girls in the future and enjoy the chrysanthemums within King’s household.

Enjoying the group from noblewomen in the backyard, Guo Baochan asked Yan Huzi, “Do Little princess Qi likewise have a younger sis to marry?”

“Prince Consort Qi’s brother is ten or fourteen yrs old, it’s a while early so you can get married, but he is able to be engaged very first.” Eg Guo Baochan, Yan Huzu don’t believe new Qi Wangfei are enabling new Qi Wang like a side concubine. (more…)