Bom dia, Sou brasileira age estou com bonne dificuldade de hallar essa agulha aui no Brasil

Clover can make a form of a tambour hook a€“ you may be able to find they from inside the needlecraft aisle of this larger package art sites

Hello, Lisania a€“ I am not sure where you are able to purchase it in Brazil. Here in the says, it is available through Lacis (lacis) and Hedgehog Handworks (hedgehoghandworks)

bour embroidery.. What solutions tend to be suited to tambour stitches thinking about the easy reduction. An errant ring prong, hangnail, etc could possibly pull several stitches outside of the embroidery. Thank-you.

Hi, Laura a€“ Tambour embroidery is employed in most sorts of programs, from household linens and decor to clothes (especially couture garments). Whenever finishes is protected a€“ and assuming you are utilizing a fairly secure, strong bond a€“ they gets up better to put on and tear.

Hi, thanks for the helpful & remarkable video.i have a concern. Could be the tambour embroidery the same as Maggam/Aari work, after all is another title of maggam operate or both will vary? For your tembour embroidery which thread you are making use of + can a simple embroidery floss be applied for this services? (more…)