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A student’s t-test determined between-group differences in cross-sectional characteristics for continuous data with a normal distribution and non-normal distribution data after log-transformation. The chi-squared test was used for dichotomous and categorical data. Multiple logistic regression models were applied to assess the multivariable associations between diabetes and pulmonary function parameters. Where there was evidence of nonlinearity in Kernel-weighted local polynomial smoothing, a two-line piecewise linear model with a single change point was estimated by trying all possible values for the change point and choosing the value with the highest likelihood. Then, we applied a restricted cubic spline with three knots to explore the non-linear association. The first and last knots were placed at the 1%- and 99%-point of the examined parameters, respectively, and the middle knot was placed at the point chosen by the two-line piecewise linear model. It should be emphasized that we included all participants in the analysis of nonlinearity. Partial mediation was assessed using the percent mediation calculated as the relative change in FEV1 and FVC associated with the occurrence of diabetes between the baseline model and the adjusted model (also called percent change [PC]) . (more…)