There’s absolutely no reason having commiting zina in the event the u dnt has a 2nd girlfriend

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in my opinion exactly what the maulana try suggesting would be the fact discover most females that widowed along with demand for service and you can business rather than necesarily the sexual sort. but just a person getting here in the form of a husband inshaAllah.

their a shame that most the women talked away about how exactly they might ratehr its partner do going zina than provides a good 2nd partner! you may also also douse your when you look at the gas and you may throw him during the a massive bonfire yourself!!

the new maulanas purpose was to perform a world harmony and comfort between your neighborhood and that seems to be rife which have zina according to their sermon yet it appears to be becoming review the brand new lady of society and so are indicating weaknesses inside theior emaan that is simply a great deal more ammunition for shaytaan!!

it isn’t effortless viewing the one you love spouse having another woman shortly after that have did nikah but is they maybe not finest he really does it the brand new halal method and becomes award regarding Allah as opposed to simply sleep which have another woman and get penalized!! (more…)