To start with projected is around the size of Quaoar, Charon (Pluto’s moonlight) otherwise large

In the course of 2004DW’s development, it had been swinging (over a plenty of season period) regarding lead regarding Hydra, along side Earth’s celestial equator, over the cusp out-of sidereal Leo / Cancers, along the Hydra’s cardiovascular system (Alphard, an important celebrity of Hydra), after which towards Sextans within the sidereal Leo

Orcus are discovered into because of the Mike Brown, a teacher away from planetary research at California Institute off Technology, and associates Chad Trujillo and you can David Rabinowitz. It absolutely was confirmed by the a group based in the Starkenburg Observatory within the Germany or any other sightings in the Jet propulsion Laboratory’s Table Mountain Observatory for the southern area Ca. 2004 DW was entitled Orcus to the e Orcus try choosen since it shares a great simlar proportions and orbit to this from Pluto.

New sky graph less than suggests the location from 2004DW from the lifetime of their development towards the . They lies southern of ecliptic inside Hydra, when you look at the after sidereal Cancer tumors, and you may underneath the auspices of Head of your own Lion. The fresh new estimated road out of 2004DW reveals it actually was just under the newest direct regarding Hydra inside the 1992 and will line-up with Gamma Sextans when you look at the sidereal Leo by 2014 (retrograde loops perhaps not revealed). (2004DW crossed the latest “Gate out of Son” of Holy Cross (5 sidereal Gemini) out-of July 1953 thanks to February 1955.)