Avallac’h does not have strong ideas for Ciri, but it is certainly not just hatred

The initial spot regarding Avallac’h ended unexpectedly right here, along with his thinking having Ciri is going to be described the following during the my opinion.

  1. She was the fresh new vow of the Alder, brand new bloodstream of your own elves, and she have to come back to the newest Aen Elle, come back to in which she is actually supposed to be.
  2. He watched Lara inside her, however, he was afraid and you can refused which connection.
  3. The guy disliked the lady rudeness, narcissism and you may arrogance, or other regular dh’oine “crappy characters”.

It is a fact one book! They simply completely disregard the whole online game plot. From the beginning of original so you can TW3, depending on the video game schedule, both eliminate for almost a couple of years. (Perhaps not depending new inconsistency of energy size in almost any worlds) It is extremely typical to your feelings and thoughts of one’s a couple to change during this time period. Along with the online game, of several self-confident or front side depictions generate me sure he keeps however build particular thinking for her!

TW3 are a game that continued the fresh new patch of one’s amazing “Witcher”. (more…)