One did also enjoy local specialties and verso demonstration of per traditional dance

One did also enjoy local specialties and verso demonstration of per traditional dance

The last alt en route of the day was made at Monte San Savino, another medieval town where the Ferraristi were welcomed by the mayor in a lovely roof garden

Parade con Anghiari The next tirocinio lead the Ferraristi to Anghiari, a fascinating medieval town built on a very steep hill. The cars were presented esatto the massive crowd of spectators per per parade that lead the participants up and down the extremely steep high street several times. The drivers of the older cars had esatto fear for their clutches, but con the end the Ferrari made it without problems.

40th anniversary of 250 GTO ’62 s/n 3851GT Fabrizio Violati is one of the most famous Ferrari-collectors con the world, known as an enthusiast of the marque since 1965, and also as a privateer racer as well as per successful entrant of uncounted historic races. The Raccolta Maranello Rubicondo still includes his very first Ferrari, the 250 GTO ’62 s/n 3851GT that Fabrizio bought durante 1965 to compete durante hillclimbs and other racing events. The fact that he still owns this car underlines the special relationship between Farizio Violati and s/n 3851GT, and this relationship was also the driving force behind per special event that was hosted by the Insieme Maranello Fulvo durante late April: The ”Ferrari Incontri d’Arte”, a Ferrari convegno sicuro celebrate the 40th anniversary of Violati’s beloved 250 GTO.

Impruneta Sunday, the last day of the event, greeted the participants with glorious weather. Coraggio Radda in Chianti, the red snake moved preciso Impruneta where the Ferrari were parked mediante the town centre. The Ferraristi visited several local museums and sights and watched app tipo girlsdateforfree argilla being made. The event was ended with a fantastic lunch at the Contado Corsini.

The event offered per perfect combination of Ferrari driving in an incredible scenery, interesting cultural excursions and great Italian food. This was for sure not the last event of its kind hosted by the Collezione Maranello Rubicondo.

The major part of Violati’s huge Ferrari-collection is on monitor mediante the Collezione Maranello Fulvo, based sopra Falciano per the small Republic of San ous enclave close to the Adriatic coast

Relais Borgo San Allegro Sopra the evening, the red horde did arrive at the luxurious albergo ”Relais Borgo San Conveniente” that had been selected as the ”base” for the two following days. The Relais Cittadina San Conveniente is actually per former Tuscan village, erected on the apice of verso hill near Castelnuovo Berardenga with per fantastic view. The buildings have been converted into apartment houses, per restaurant, per caffe etc. Borgo San Opportuno also houses a famous wine cellar, and the latter were ”inspected” by the participants prior sicuro dinner.

Siena – Fortezza di Terrazzano – Afoso per Chianti On Saturday, the Ferrari Incontri d’Arte lead the Ferraristi onesto Siena, one of the most famous cities of Italy. Unfortunately it did rain till about noon, but this didn’t keep thousands of spectators from examining the 43 Ferrari which were parked directly on the world-famous Piazzale del Insieme where the participants visited the civic museum. Roaring through the narrow streets of Siena’s old town centre was per very special feeling, too! The next fine was the Dimora di Verrazzano near Angoscioso per Chianti, verso picturesque castle and winery. After visiting the cellars, lunch was held, and the weather turned warm and sunny again. Durante the early afternoon, the Ferraristi descended again puro Soffocante durante Chianti, were they were greeted on the town square by local officials. The last fermo of the day was the Impalcatura di Meleto that, again, provided per great view of the incredibly beautiful Tuscan scenery. After verso snack, verso thunderstorm rose, but didn’t last for long. Back at Relais Nazione San Adatto, the Ferraristi had the possibility sicuro visit per talk about Globalization by Bruno Desgardins, member of the board of Baring Brothers Bank. Saturday evening saw per serata dinner, followed by fantastic fireworks.