The internet dating app market is profitable and definitely competitive.

The internet dating app market is profitable and definitely competitive.

Demonstrated players Elite dating sites vie with start-ups to take throughout the racket and catch the interest of men and women finding really love. With the amount of consumers checking out innovation to meet up with their unique second partner, delivering optimal experience is important.

Catching and evaluating records will going out with application agencies read their customers best.

Badoo has established alone while the World Today’s trusted a relationship software.

Running in 45 tongues across 190 places, Badoo provides over 450 million consumers. Between the two, the two render an unbelievable 12 billion swipes on a daily basis. Thus giving an illustration for the level of knowledge getting managed along with obstacle of going better with larger reports.

That’s the process that Badoo’s Senior information professional, Petr Yurin and advancement advertising and marketing executive, Solange Baki have got carried out head-on.


In the character, it’s Petr’s responsibility to make certain that Solange and her Growth teams possess the suitable degree of facts to make smarter decisions.

Petr brings his own trusted information from AppsFlyer into Badoo’s very own BI platform. Once around, he works closely with Solange to perfect them instrument panel and visualization specifications.

This offers your the fine detail the guy should mix records resources and offer they in a precise and available form. This willn’t be conceivable without needing data at most detail by detail levels possible.

“It’s vital that you take information in regarding least expensive granular level because we should instead combine dealer facts, sales facts with all of all of our inner measurements. What’s More, It ensures that if the analytical specifications through the increases personnel adjustment, we do have the ability to rapidly conform even as we possess the organic records to make from.” – Petr Yurin


Each and every day Solange and her professionals use the company’s AppsFlyer dashboards observe the functionality of marketing by mass media resource. To be able to drill-down to an extremely granular amount indicates they’re able to modify promotion grade in realtime.

And, if promotions aren’t doing nicely or if news options try looking in however dubious, they may be able instantly halt the promotion.

And, whenever Solange must become further she will be able to access Badoo’s BI program to acquire exactly what she wants. Badoo employs AppsFlyer’s Data Locker cure for populate their unique BI technique with natural information.


“We just take judgements based on info on a daily basis. We all then allocate strategy spend and optimise marketing in line with the info that we’re staring at. So it’s really important for people having correct and valid data in real time. As An Example, you can easily at this point see if one starting point place or run happens to be singing much better than one another, which means that I Am Able To fast action any resources modification.” – Solange Baki

As manager of ideal Accounts, it is Richard Earnshaw’s part to be certain that Petr and Solange get your help they require.

“we e-mail Richard everytime i’ve a problem. Basically see that you will find a weird rate of conversion or CTR or any distrustful exercise, Recently I require his or her viewpoint. The Man looks into they to me, to help myself out and talk about his or her insights.” – Solange Baki

So to preserve their state as market market leaders Badoo understands that they must strive.

They’ll are nevertheless pushed in what his or her reports and visitors inform them. Through the COVID-19 situation, her reports confirmed a tremendous boost in Gen-Z owners as they looked to development during lockdown. Solange along with her personnel will continue to track this craze and adapt his or her strategies when necessary.

And, jointly, Solange and Petr will in order to equal reports subject to Bumble, certainly one of Badoo’s brother brand names.

“Everyone loves the point that AppsFlyer let us to incorporate with any circle that i wish to check. Getting added with AppsFlyer is simple number 1 requirement for any partner. The way we wish enjoyed that I’m in the position to say, ‘Okay, what’s the strategy for doing this spouse?’ They are going to optimize towards preservation. Next normally the functions that I Wish To give all of them.’ Adequate one touch we’re prepared.” – Solange Baki