The name comes from the name for the old folks of Switzerland before the Roman conquest, the Helvetii

The name comes from the name for the old folks of Switzerland before the Roman conquest, the Helvetii

The Swiss hallmark for 18 carat silver got and it is your head of Helvetia, the female national personification of Switzerland, and this is known as Confederation Helvetica (CH) or Swiss Confederation. The female figure of Helvetia came out throughout improvement a Swiss national identity within the nineteenth millennium sugar daddy in Arizona, and Helvetia made an appearance on coins and stamps following the foundation of the national state of Switzerland in 1848.

Once the British goods elizabeth into energy, the Swiss government introduced a unique greater traditional of 755a€° for 18 carat gold see matters that have been become shipped into British. This is exactly discussed below at Three minds: 18 ct gold.

Fourteen Carat Silver

Another standards of silver recognised from the 1880 Swiss operate was actually 14 carat. This was a standard of silver that had been utilized on the continent for quite some time and had been preferred. The Swiss appropriate decimal fineness criterion for 14K had been 583a€° as revealed within the example regarding the markings, which was affirmed by characteristic of an individual squirrel.

Fourteen carat silver isn’t rather as straight forward to mark as a decimal amounts as 18 carat because percentage isn’t a spherical number; 14 /24 exercises to 0.5833. with all the 33 recurring to infinity. The Swiss authorities rounded this as a result of 0.583a€° however some region such Germany rounded it up to 585a€°. Given the highest price of silver, this seemingly small huge difference was big.

In order to show that a product that has been getting shipped to 1 of those countries have passed assay from the greater 0.585a€° common, Swiss bureaux de contrA?le comprise authorised to hallmark situation making use of decimal fineness tag of 0A·585 with two squirrels, one large and something little on contrary edges associated with decimal fineness tag as revealed into the picture right here.

The sign in the bottom of this picture is the German Imperial Crown within a group that presents the sun’s rays. This is hit in Switzerland because of the circumstances creator (perhaps not an agency de contrA?le) on things that can be exported to Germany, although level will not demonstrate that them was actually ever before actually provided for Germany. The same will also apply to the mark of a crown and crescent moon-struck on sterling silver, read German Hallmarks.

Nine and 12 Carat Silver

The Swiss Act of 1880 recognised merely 18 and 14 carat gold as legal expectations in Switzerland. This provided Swiss case producers with difficulty. Nine carat gold had been remarkably popular in Britain because it was actually the lowest priced metal which could legitimately be also known as silver, nevertheless wasn’t a legal standards of fineness in Switzerland. Swiss watchmakers don’t desire to lose out on this worthwhile ped by circumstances producers with nine carat markings. Until 1914 these situations never moved anywhere near an Swiss government Bureau de ContrA?le since they couldn’t become formally called “gold” or hallmarked in Switzerland.

From 18 December 1914, the Swiss government enabled the Bureaux de ContrA?le to stamp the official tag of Swiss cross on nine and 12 carat gold view situation that have been become exported to Britain. In 1924 it was widened permitting gold view covers of any fineness greater than 8 carat become hallmarked, so long as these people were become shipped to a country in which the fineness was actually legal. For lots more facts discover Nine and 12 Carat silver.


Between 1880 and 1933 the appropriate Swiss hallpanta€?, a keep sitting on the hind legs, or a grouse. What’s needed of international nations intended that some additional levels and guidelines were introduced for export marketplaces, however the solitary grouse and unmarried keep remained the essential Swiss specifications for sterling silver until 1933.