There was in addition a sacred endless fire and intercourse orgies

There was in addition a sacred endless fire and intercourse orgies

The Eternal Fire

Sooner or later i have to create footnotes to mention my personal sources as I in the morning doing this generally from memory space but In my opinion it is critical to get the details out there! I’ve been doing a bit of heavy studies on the Druids plus the ancient horse riders for the Pontic Steppes. I think i’ve been in a position to report these ancient pony both women and men due to the fact ruling lessons for the old Celts. The Druid traditions emerged to get this ruling class.

The blend of intimate orgasm efforts with all the sacred wine opened up the greater locations in a sacred initiation that has been conducted by priestesses

In a recently available discussion the subject of the sacred flames on the Druids emerged and this post try my reaction to that. It would appear that some of these individuals relocated to Ireland around 3,000 BC as I’ve discussed in past articles. But some among these visitors remained inside the Pontic Steppes and surfaced once the Sarmatians around 700 BC.

The women of the ancient Sarmatian horse bikers comprise warriors along with the boys and 20% from the graves were of females in fight armour. These folks lived-in wagons along with big herds of cattle and horses. At one point the Sarmatians comprise confused with the Scythians while they lived and occupied a number of the same lands. Based on ancient sources the Sarmatians virtually stayed on horseback together with yellow hair. The Greeks called these Sarmatian warrior girls Amazons and it also was thought that the isle of Samothrace and its secrets comprise launched by Amazons.

The sacred secrets of Samothrace existed from 700 BC until 400 advertisement if they had been changed because of the Eleusinian secrets. We realize little or no about these mysteries except that these were Warrior Goddess oriented, involved a sacred drink that has been a type of drink laced with narcotic mushrooms which created a situation similar to LSD intoxication. This initiation was ready to accept everyone of tuition and of either sex.

What exactly was this endless flame? The majority of the sacred secrets had an eternal fire. Just what performed that really mean? Interestingly enough it actually was some road working I had accomplished for the transaction Aurum Solis that provided the clear answer. The eternal flame was the essential life force of life alone that used up and filtered all residing items in an unending cycle of death and rebirth into latest types. Existence is a flame that will be eternal and has now never ever gone down considering that the basic cellular life reproduced the new generation!

And women had been the keepers of this divine eternal flame which burned constantly inside their sacred temples. This sacred life force is sexuality and virility! It actually was love and passing and rebirth! It actually was the flames of passion for lifestyle!

The success demands with the old world-made group stronger from inside the lower chakras but the greater ones comprise more challenging to open up which is what the Sacred wines was actually for.

The Druids have this sacred flames and they got priestesses that were keepers of this sacred flame exactly who lived apart in remote avenues. It’s certain that celebrations in the sacred flame engaging the active involvement of a higher Priestess and these parties occurred for the Druid business. Also, it is sure that there was clearly a special celebratory wines that has been used for these special occasions.

The early Druids possess delivered this practice using them if they moved to Ireland around 3,000 BC or they othrace mysteries happened to be very first set up because the Druid culture extended much into Gaul by 700 BC. It was the secret of the ultimate goal! It actually was one particular sacred puzzle of this Druids and was a most sacred Goddess driven mystery. At times of the season like Beltaine all are welcomed to take part of the holy communion and take in this sacred wine.