Stand Up for Change, Stand Up For America Now!

They say evil continues to persist in our society because good men do nothing. It is not hate that will cause our downfall as a nation but our indifferent attitude towards the main issues that our society is facing now. Stand Up For America Now has high hopes of changing that attitude. We want to be the voice of the American people. We want to live by the ideals and hopes of our country – the land of the free and the brave. Other nations look up to us for we used to embody justice, freedom, and peace. Yes, you read that correctly. We used to, past tense. In reality, we have become a divided nation that has led us to pursue personal interests over the common good. 

What we stand for?


That is why there is a growing gap in our society just when we thought we should have surpassed issues regarding race, color, religion, and culture.

Keep fighting

It is as if we have taken big leaps forward in the past only to take even major steps backwards in the present so much so that our ideals of peace, justice, and freedom now look bleak in light of these current issues that we are facing. 


Stand Up For America Now enlightens the nation about pertinent social issues such as partial politics, home land security, affordable healthcare, climate change, gender equality.

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Possession of guns, freedom of information, immigration, and other matters that should concern ordinary American citizens because they affect our daily lives.

Raise Awareness

That is why we lay out the facts, uncover the truth, and give courageous commentaries regarding these issues to raise awareness among the people. We hope to awaken your sense of social responsibly so that you can join us in our fight for justice, peace, and freedom.

Good service

It is our dream that one day, each one will be enlightened regarding the true state of our nation- that injustices, discrimination, and human rights violations continue to persist and we should put an end to them because they cause sufferings on our fellowmen.

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We hope to mobilize the American people to stand up for what is just and what is right regardless of our political affiliations. Yes, because it does not matter if we are Republicans or Democrats. What is right should always be right and what is just should always be just. There is no partiality to it.   Stand Up For America Now is a loud voice in the society – be it in the virtual or real world. We will do everything we can to reach out to as many Americans as possible. We organize social campaigns to educate people about social issues. We encourage you to go out of your garage doors in Michigan or Arizona and join us. We hold rallies and demonstrations to let the government know that our vigilant eyes are always upon them, watching their every move, protecting the interests of the American people.   

We should stand up for justice. 

We should stand up for freedom. 

We should stand up for peace. 

We should Stand Up for America NOW. 

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