America, it’s time to wake up, stand up, and speak out.

Chaos results from disobedience to established law. The U.S. is the supreme law of America. Constitution. Freedom of expression is guaranteed to all Americans by the First Amendment, which is also our most revered and crucial right. It gives people the freedom to differ, sometimes even enormously. It is necessary to preserve a free society.

Because of our various liberties, America is unique among other nations and, I dare argue, a better and greater country. Many people from different nations take significant risks to get here.

However, they don’t come here to have their liberties restricted. The precise opposite is true. All of these folks are drawn to freedom in particular.

Why are Democrats so ready to curtail some of our liberties, then? There can only be one solution. Power.

How is this power grab being implemented? There are several approaches, but creating a fascist society is the main one. What qualifies as fascism? As defined by Merriam-Webster, this political philosophy, movement, or regime “exalts nation and frequently race above the individual and stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.”

This sounds like what the Democrats are currently attempting to impose on America, right? They contrast different races. They support a robust federal government at the expense of state rights and our way of life. There are some things you “can’t accomplish by the executive order unless you are a tyrant,” according to Joe Biden. We need consensus because we are a democracy, but he has already approved more than 40 executive orders. very autocratic

Many of these executive orders were written to undo any economic achievements made under former President Trump’s administration that benefited most Americans. With his cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline, Joe is causing severe financial catastrophes (meaning oil and gas must now move via trains and trucks, which will increase pollution versus a clean movement by a pipeline. Safety concerns will also increase). This is but one economic illustration.

His use of the vile and race-baiting Critical Race Theory is one method social regimentation is established. “President Biden revoked the Trump administration’s executive order banning critical race theory training for federal agencies and federal contractors on his first day in office.”

What is this hypothesis? Critical race theory (CRT) is the idea that race is a socially manufactured notion that white people utilize to further their own economic and political interests at the expense of people of color. It also holds that the law and legal institutions are intrinsically racist.

I am not familiar with that America.

At all levels, the big tech firms’ persecution of the “cancel culture” movement and the suppression of free speech by Democratic leaders and, all too frequently, by average individuals against others are daily examples of the coercive suppression of opposition.

Lord Acton was right when he observed, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” yet this is precisely what is happening now that the Democrat Party has complete control over the government’s executive and legislative parts.

We must put an end to this lawlessness and Constitutional transgressions. America, get up, get moving, and speak up. Send letters to the newspapers and your representatives. Strive to win elections fairly and openly and demand that Democrats follow suit, or our freedoms will be lost for good.